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  • We met at Admin Building, Martinsville. David Mow was our speaker and gave us insights on edible mushrooms. Cindy Vogel demonstrated Winter Sowing, seeds that can be planted now.

    The following Officers were present:

    President Cindy Vogel

    Vice President

    Treasurer Becky Cothran

    Secretary Lynda Funk

    Good of the Order: We had 7 new Master Gardeners present: Carol Gillespie, Theresa Heckman, Chet Bohannon, Rosemary Peterson, Peggy Stevens, and Phil & Signe Nicholson

    Minutes of the December meeting minutes were sent out with the meeting notice and approved. Motion made by Ruth Pelouch, 2nd Diane Cockerham

    Treasurer’s Report: – The Treasurers Report were sent with the meeting notice. accepted by Tom Flatt and 2nd by Ruth Pelouch, subject to audit.

    Purdue Educator for Morgan County, Amanda Dixon, spoke on a few of the items happening this year;

    -We will go for a Fall Class.

    -Any one working with children will need to get Minor Certification. This is Online and a quiz must be taken and passed before doing events involving youth, even if we have done the projects in the past.

    -Online volunteer hour reporting may be coming soon.

    Programs- Next meeting will be with Tony Branham.

    Education opportunities- Spring Clinic February 27, GardenFest Speakers March 18 & 19.

    Committee Updates:

    Demo Gardens- new Chairperson is Dan Hine, he will be starting committee meetings up soon and is asking for volunteers. Rosalie and him gave a video report on activities from 2015. He also presented the MCMG Association with a plaque from the Fair Board.

    Membership – Greg Christian Updated directory is coming soon. Please remember to sign in each meeting.

    Boys & Girls Club-Beckie McGuire reports Boys & Girls Clubs have asked us to host Garden Club for the summer again this year. She has had one meeting with Bridgette and how important our role with the children is. She is also asking volunteers to sign up on the sheet on the welcome table.

    Downtown Mooresville Planters-Beckie has met with town personnel and they want us back again this year. She will be meeting soon to plan our plantings and asking for volunteers to sign up on the sheet on the welcome table. Theme will try to incorporate blue & gold plantings.

    Mooresville Library – Beckie reported we will continue identifying plants on the library grounds and asking for volunteers to sign up on the sheet on the welcome table. We will try to incorporate a Fall Wreath making class this year. It will be different from the Christmas Wreath Make & Take.

    GardenFest -Melody Ziele reports things are on schedule. She has a signup book going around, please consider taking several spots.

    Daffodils- Diane Cockerham reports we are still working on the "daffodil path" in the medians leading to the Link Observatory in honor of Helen Link. We will need docents for the weekends in April.

    Parks - David Mow reports the Waverly Park will have its Grand Opening on September 24th. There may be opportunities for landscaping and planting beds. More info to come.

    County Fair – David reports the theme will be Container Gardening. We can plant containers with blue & gold plants in honor of the bicentennial to display at the fair. Reminder: nothing can be sold.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

    Next member meeting at Admin Building 6:30pm March 3,

    Next OCB meeting March 31

    Respectfully Submitted, Lynda Funk, 2016 Secretary





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