"Helping Others Grow"                                                                         

Volunteer Opportunities

Following is a listing of volunteer opportunities for people working on completing their Master Gardener and Advanced Master Gardener Certification. For more detailed information about each project contact the person listed.  You MUST contact the person before you begin volunteering.

Bradford Woods - The gardens at the Bradford Woods Manor House rely on volunteer help for much of their maintenance. If you have an interest in garden preservation projects, this may be just your thing. After decades of overgrowth, the garden area was cleared of offensive plants and is being restored to it's original plantings. Work involves basic gardening skills. For more information, contact Kari Price, Naturalist/Historian at 765-342-2915.

Cross School Restoration - The Morgan County Master Gardeners will be planting the final plantings at Cross School when the restoration is finished.  Call Lee Hirt 765-342-5696.

Elementary School Nature Centers - Most of the Morgan County elementary schools have nature centers which feature wildlife plantings. There is always a need for volunteers to help maintain the garden areas and volunteers can also help by working directly in educational programs. Individual school contacts can be made be using the following links.

Fallwood Nature Center 

Flowers at the Morgan County Administration Building  Contact Chris Parker

Habitat for Humanity- Several homes are being built in the Martinsville area and as each one is completed volunteers are needed to seed lawns and plant trees and shrubs. Contact Christine Wilson 765-349-9003.

Kennedy Living Center - Volunteers are needed to help care for the courtyard gardens at this facility on Pike Street in Martinsville. Contact Ruth Montgomery at 765-342-6637.

Martinsville Senior Center - Volunteers are needed to help plant some flowers at the Senior Center on Blue Bluff Road. Contact Jeannie East, 765-342-5525.

Morgan County Fairground Flowers - Contact Ann Lankford -765-342-8097

Burkhart Creek = Contact David Mow for opportunities

Morgan County Libraries = Mooresville Contact Beckie McGuire, Monrovia - Contact Alma Alkire

Art Sanctuary Martinsville = in need of garden help with their butterfly garden.

All information is correct at the time of posting, if you call someone that is no longer in charge, please get good information to post to the website and contact Lynda Funk to get it posted. Also, if you find a new opportunity in Morgan County, please pass the information along.  Thanks you and happy volunteering!